1) The Workplace - Heard It Through The Grapevine

The responsibility is all of ours to help stop this virus. Now we have a new, safe, and effective tool to help us do that—COVID-19 vaccines. Wear your Indigo SAFEBAND at work and let colleagues know your vaccine status. 

2) Organisations 

There are thousands of organisations,(E.g Royal Voluntary Service and Good Sam APP) supporting the vaccination roll out and even more volunteers supporting the movement.In such busy centres The Indigo SAFEBAND can always be relied on to identify who has been vaccinated. Hold your head up high and let us know you've been vaccinated with your SAFEBAND.

3) Hospitals

Put others in the picture. For most, hospitals are a daunting place. A unwell family member or loved one may stay for months at a time. Knowing your loved one can signal to others they are vaccinated whilst you're not there is one less thing on your mind.

4)Your Humble Abode - Hot Off The Couch

Home is where you can wear your wristband all day, every day. There are no boundaries - you can wear it to bed, whilst cooking, even in the bathtub - yes SAFEBAND wristbands are 100% waterproof. The choices are limitless. 

 Get your Indigo SAFEBAND today.

Don't forget, by getting one, you'll GIVE one too. Be safe, stay safe.