COVID-19 Vaccine: Making the Invisible Visible

Normalizing the COVID-19 vaccination is critical for encouraging the uptake of inoculations. World Health Organization, Unicef, CDC and countless other organisations are doing what they can to keep up the momentum around vaccinations.

However, what happens once you've been vaccinated?

How do you communicate this?

It can become tiresome having to ask every person that comes near if they are vaccination and uncertainty on how to ask the question creates another barrier.

An article published by USA today says:

"though it's a seemingly simple question – whether you're asking before going on a date with someone new or planning a long-awaited hang-out with friends – it can feel uncomfortable to drop into your conversation."

We hear you. We created a communication tool that signals the wearer is vaccinated and supports the vaccine program. The SAFEBAND indigo silicone wristband states 'vaccinated' in bright white lettering which is visible from 2 metres / 6 feet away, creating a comfortable way to signal your vaccine status to those around you.

Not only does it make it easier for you to show others you are vaccinated, it also shows you're behind the vaccine roll out, which protects your friends, family, and loved ones. This keeps up the positive momentum around vaccinations and with every order made, we donate another wristband to a critical key worker.